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India is one of the popular countries for IT companies in the world. There are a lot of opportunities for big and small businesses due to the cheap human resources. Top Indian and foreign IT MNC companies like Google, Oracle, IBM, TCS, Wipro, L&T, HCL have their offices in India and other are looking for establish their offices in India. And there is a long list of IT companies in India iGate, Mphasis, Tech Mahindra, Infosys and so on.

RKM IT Services is a leading IT company located in Delhi, India. As an IT services company in Delhi NCR India we offer web development, business start up help, plant design, mechanical design solutions and services, plant information management services and engineering design services for ship building and other applications, IT security services and solutions along with software development services like high games development and software testing and other services all over the India.

Software IT consulting Services Company offers quality improvements with state of the art innovative technology professionals to put into action the latest top of the line best value for your work environment. The integrity of qualified skilled personnel will meet and improve your expectations with phenomenal decision making and strategic planning to keep your businesses productivity to the highest level.

An IT consulting company does a lot of thing for your business and company. How to implement the appropriate software takes knowledge, understanding of migrating and infrastructure tools that revolve around the latest information technology world. Relentless growing with the times and leaving the comfort zone is the best turning point you will achieve towards a future goal. Contacting software IT consultants prior to making the jump forward is the best possible solution for a smooth upgrade with less downtime. Electrical and software IT engineers and developments have the tools and brilliance to provide the information you need.

If your company is facing any specific challenges, software consultancy will lead the way for growth opportunities for business. Recommendations and assessments by IT experts will integrate and customize software to your business/organization to increase productivity and efficiency. A wide variety of functions are had with consulting software professionals. Designed applications and programs will optimize day to day projects and bring to life the ultimate solutions.

Smart business management begins with software IT Consulting Company. Repair, upgrades, designs, migrations, integrations, installation and more are provided by acclaimed experts in the industry. Building long term relationships with customers is a goal driven achievement for all clients.

As IT services company in India also provide IT consulting service for varied types of business. There can be numerous types of business in the IT sectors:

  • Delivering solutions targeted at enhancing productivity
  • Improve service and project delivery
  • Cost optimization
  • Alignment with industry recognized frameworks/standards using process solutions
  • Enterprise Software: These automate business process in diverse verticals like finance, sales and marketing, tour and travel, production, logistics and so on.
  • Infrastructure Software: These include OS, middleware and databases software.
  • Security Software
  • Industry-specific Software development
  • Contract Programming




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Developed Software

We develope our softwares and services after well planning. The life cycle is being followed strictly for any software development.