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When we want to design or develop a robust and device responsive websites then we have to choose correct programming/scripting language and designing tools. Some of important tools used to develop modern era websites are listed below:

Take Advantage of Website Designing - Read These 8 THINGS YOU MUST KNOW:

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HTML stands for Hyper Text Mark-up Language, which is widely used for developing web pages structure using mark up. HTML pages contains different types of Tags that, which is used by browser to render the content of a web page.
HTML mainly consists two components Tags and Attributes; It works together but perform Different functions. Tags are used to create HTML elements and they are always enclosed with angle brackets. Attributes has additional piece of information placed inside the opening and close brackets.

website designing Company in Delhi


CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets, is a style sheet language which is used for displaying and presentation of a web page written in mark up language. CSS describes or monitor how HTML elements/tags are displayed on a device screen or different media.
When colour and font attributes were added in html previously it Become a very difficult task for developers to add this information on a every single page, to overcome these issues W3C introduce Cascading Style Sheets. CSS can be Written on same web page (inline CSS) or created in a different .css file externally (External CSS).

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JavaScript is a client-side scripting language, designed for creating a network-oriented dynamic web application. JavaScript is open source and Cross-platform. JavaScript also has object-oriented capabilities. JavaScript previously known as Live Script, Later Netscape changed its name to JavaScript.
JavaScript Provides many advantages over traditional server-side programming language as a user can validate a textbox with email-id field without sending it to server. But JavaScript has some limitations as it doesn’t allow reading and writing of files due to security reason.

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jQuery is a lightweight JavaScript library; its main purpose is to use JavaScript easily. JQuery simplifies many complicated things from JavaScript Like AJAX call or DOM manipulation in web pages. JQuery overcome the cross-browser limitations as it runs on all browser as same.

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Bootstrap is an open source CSS framework that is used to design and develop a user friendly, device responsive web pages. Bootstrap contains css Based template for typography, forms, buttons, tables, navigation, modals, image carousels and many other, as well as optional JavaScript plugins.

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Node.js is an open source server environment that allows JavaScript code to run the server side more efficiently. Node.js uses asynchronous Programming, so that it eliminates the waiting and continues with the next step. Node.js can generate dynamic pages and also read, write, delete and close files on Server. And it also does CURD operation with Database.

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Angular JS

Angular JS is an extended JavaScript library and it included in a html page using script tags. It extends HTML attributes and bind data with it. The ng-app directive is used to define angular JS application. Angular JS loaded automatically when the web page completes loading.

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Asp.Net is a server-side language that is used to design dynamic web pages. It allows users to use fully functional programming language like, to develop reach web based works over HTTP protocol to communicate between client and server. ASP.NET is a part of Microsoft.Net framework.
Asp.Net used to produce/develop data driven (connection with database) modal of interaction to the web application. In old days knows as ASP (Active server Pages). HTTP is a state less protocol that’s why comes in existence. ASP.Net holds the state of a web page hence user experience increased.

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